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Ronnie Duetch Sued by CA AG Jerry Brown

Tax attorney Ronnie Deutch spends $3M a year advertising her firm's ability to assist clients with IRS tax troubles, but Jerry Brown, Attorney General for the State of California (and Democratic candidate for governor) says Deutch's claims are fraudulent and is seeking $34M in client restitution in court. Brown says, "Tax Lady Roni Deutch is engaged in a heartless scheme that swindled people with tax problems. She promises to significantly reduce their IRS tax debts, but instead preys on their vulnerability, taking large up-front payments but providing little or no help in lowering their tax bills." The suit cites one commercial featuring three clients who claim a combined tax payment reduction of $86K. According to Brown, the reality is that all three still owe the IRS – all they got from Deutch's representation was a delay on IRS collection. The suit says that Deutch claims a 99% success rate in getting IRS debt reductions, but claims that the real success rate is more like 10%. Retainers paid by clients can go as high as $4.7K, money that might better be spent paying the IRS, which actually tends to increase a client's debt load by piling on interest and penalties while the case is stalled. Deutch is said to be a frequent guest on broadcast and cable talk shows. The commercials are often broadcast after hours, and RBR-TVBR editors have seen them during daytime during syndicated reality courtroom programming.
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#209936 Review #209936 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Francisco, California

Roni Lynn Duetch put me in a further jam w/IRS

What a scam... FRAUDULANT PREDATOR, preying on broke, vulnerable and mostly desperate individuals who are seeking some financial relief from the pressures of IRS. The only hope is that MS DEUTCH and her entire INCOMPETENT and COWARDLY TEAM, hiding behind 800 numbers and Internet web sites, should endure the same financial hardships. How TRULY embarrassing for the associates of this money ring, who ENDURED many years of college and most likely in debt with student loans, are now paid MINIMALLY to do the devils work (RONI'S DIRTY DEED). Presumably, may be incapable of getting real work with a reputable firm and certainly not capable of having a successful practice. HOW EMBARRASSING TO HAVE TO ADMIT, NOT ONLY TO YOUR FAMILY, BUT TO FRIENDS, COLLEGUES AND CLASSMATES, THAT AFTER YEARS OF STUDY AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FOR EDUCATION, THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN REDUCED TO. For the sad individuals who sit and wait for Internet and phone leads, which MS DUETCH gladly pays 3m per year to bait, BAD KARMA! You people are the front line for an immoral individual who makes millions, pays you minimal and has set you up to take the brunt of all the disgruntled, duped clients.
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San Francisco, California

Rip Off!

Roni Deutch is a rip off,rip off,rip off and they are rude. You take my info and tell me I qualify for offer of compromise to lure me in then you debit my account then inform me after a couple of payments that I don't qualify. Ok I submit for refund and 35 days wait from someone you can't speak to over the phone is ridiculous. This *** has got to stop today. Company is hurting families instead of helping them. After all the complaints how are they still in business. Were is the BBB at and what have they done.
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I won't go into our ordeal because, after reading dozens of blogs on this site, I can see that her M.O. is about the same with every client;have clients fill out a financial statement and,based on that, they pretty well can tell how much you will go for.

All the time you (and I) are assuming she wants to see your statement so she can tell you if you qualify for an O.I.C.. Actually, she wants to see how much she can scam you for. In our case it was $3000 up front. Someone who is about broke she will set you up on a monthly payment plan.Then the poor folks on that payment plan are strung along forever, with paperwork back and forth and promises and great news like "Hey,IRS has put you in the uncollectable category--Lucky you!" All the while you are assuming they are constantly in touch with the IRS--Ha!

Anyway,lucky for me I have a very intelligent wife who stayed in their face constantly and reamed them out whenever she would get any of that redundant or duplicate paperwork from them. Like the time they asked her to do another P & L statement after she had already done one. Anyway,my highly intelligent wife who graduated law school and comes from a long line of C.P.A.'s knew what buttons to push on the scammers. She was able to do most of the work herself and after about 3 years set us up herself with an offer in compromise contract with IRS and just the other day we received the most welcome letter we have ever received from IRS telling us that our ordeal was completely over;that our OIC had been paid in full.

They just admonished us to pay or taxes timely during the next 5 years. Roni *** really did nothing for us except that we began to see what Roni was actually supposed to be doing and she,my wife,figured out how do do it herself.

I'm one of the very few,I'm sure,who at least persevered and stayed on Roni like gravy on rice and was able to get it done. Of course, we feel horrible for the thousands of others who were strung along with lies and promises until their money ran out and they were dropped but still owed IRS more than when they began with Roni ***



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Matthews, North Carolina

Roni Deutch is a thief

I am so angry. I was trying to help my mom by looking for an attorney because of the IRS was harrassing my mom. I found Roni Deutch online. They told my mom they can stop the levy on her check. They were charging her 237 a month. She could not afford this but she went with it. 4 months into the service her check was still levied. All they asked her was when was she going to send her next payment. My mom couldnt even afford to pay her rent becausee of the levy. They showed no compassion and gave her no information. Now they are threatening her with a lawsuit. Can someone please advise us?
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I forgot to mention, there never was a reprieve from collections. When I asked about that, Roni Deutch reps said, well, it doesn't happen for everyone, read the fine print. Well, I have, I find nothing to the contrary


I paid Roni Deutch $3,300.00 even tho the IRS was taking $3,000.00/mo. from our income.

We were told with our very first phone conversation, there would be a "10 week reprieve from collections because...after all... how could we expect you to pay us if the IRS is taking your money." After making our last payment which was 2 weeks late, we never heard from them again! I called and got a recording, left a message, and still, no contact. It's been 2 months and no one has called or written.

I ended up calling the IRS and negotiating myself and was able to get a reasonable payment plan. Someone needs to open a class action suit.


It appears that the Roni Deutch Law Firm is now 'The Juceam Group' operated by her brother Scott Juceam.


Go on line and file a complaint with the California State Attorney General. We just did. You may be able to get your money or some of it back.

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Norcross, Georgia

Roni Deutch Rip-off: Tax Scam

Beware! Halloween doesn't only come once a year .. talk about nightmares! Yeah, take a visit to the haunted house of Roni-Deutchland where it's all smoke and mirrors. I recently called the Roni Deutch company to see if they could help me with some of the tax penalties from some mistakes I made in the past on my taxes. After seeing repeated ads on tv, I thought they must be pretty good to be in business so long, and to be big enough to give nationwide services. Wrrroonnngggg! How can the government let a company continue to deceptively advertise? From reading the web, there have literally been hundreds of complaints against them, in many states, to every agency possible. I didn't retain them, because I realized that they were telling me so many contradictory things, but they had even me walking down the path for a bit. Don't be a fool and fall for these chumps. If you think about calling Ronnie Deutch, do yourself a favor, don't call them because they won't help you. They're scam artists. I agree with everybody above. They're not out to help you, they're out to get your money.
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thank you very much

yes roni deutch is a old *** bag

for sure

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Baltimore, Maryland

Roni Deutch is a rip-off artist.

August 2010, my husband and I were facing a tax levy that we knew we could not afford. I told him to look into tax attorneys and he decided to retain the Roni Deutch firm. Not only did they advertise falsely but they continue to lie to us on a daily basis. They told my husband that they would stop wage garnishments while we went through the process of working with the IRS. They never contacted the IRS or either of our employers payroll depts. On 09/24/10 about 75% of my bi-weekly paycheck was garnished by the IRS. He immediately called the Deutch office and was told, oh give us the payroll dept. info (which they had because they had 3 of my pay stubs) and we will contact them right away to stop further garnishments. My payroll dept was never contacted. They also told my husband that he did not have to worry about the IRS garnishing his pay because they only take from 1 spouse per month and it is the spouse with the lesser pay. Well, low and behold, 6 days later the IRS garnished over half of my husband's paycheck. He only gets paid once per month so the remaing amount was only enough to pay our rent for the month of October. He contacted Deutch's office again and was told oh well, there are no guarantees, just make sure you pay your $279 payment by 10/08/10. Not only did they not contact the IRS or our payroll depts but the information they were going to present to the IRS was incorrect. They showed us having a large positive cash flow, had our income too high and left out several of our monthly payments. They said no this is correct so why don't you give us a verbal authorization to make a monthly payment arrangement with the IRS. It should be $100 or less per month. They then told my husband if we didn't have the $279 payment, we need to pay them at least $200 by 10/08/10. The IRS was not contacted until 10/01/10 after my husband complained to Deutch's office again about their failure to follow through with our contract with them. I have filed with the BBB and the California Attorney General's Office. Deutch will not get one more penny from us!!
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My uncle who lives in Arizona was ripped off also to the tune of $1,500.00. What can he do to try to recover his money.

He is on a fixed income.

I've already informed him to contact the IRS to work out a payment arrangement before they levy his bank account. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


How is it that you became indebitted to the irs?

You should be calling your local irs office they are more than willing to make an equitable payment arrangement,that is if you do not hide from them. They are omnipotent so pay and do not miss with them. It is by far and way worse on you if you do not follow through


To all, when you fall behind on taxes. Contact the IRS and tell them you want to do an "Offer and Compromise" The IRS knows the economy sucks and this Offer and compromise has to be requested by the tax payer based on hardship and civil liberities.

Do google search on "offer and compromise" Also, if you have the time explain to the IRS that they should look into Roni Deutch's company and make sure she is not violating tax laws by taking money and not performing the work. That's theft by deception which is a felony. Also falsify busniess records is a felony.

Contact your State AG or Inspector General of your state if AG fails to shut her down. I bet she sit's in Church with her family and tells God how blessed she is for being a *** artist


Make sure all of you call the California Bar Association. File a complaint with them. I am another person that was scammed by this company!


I live check to check.I get paid bi-weekly and i have tax problems.So I call Ms.Deutch to see if she can help.The said that they will help and i would only pay the irs 1,200 at the most two months later i was being leved by the irs this is after i started my payments and after the retainer was paid.I was to supose to make another pay ment to Ronnie Deutch and that if it was not there on that date that they would cancel my account.Needless to say I was very angery and broke so help help hellp.

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Salt Lake City, Utah


California Attorney General's office filed action alleging that Roni Deutch, A professional Tax Corporation and Roni Lynn Deutch have engaged in and continue to engage in acts making or causing to be made untrue or misleading statements with intent to induce members of the public to purchase defendants' services. These acts include representing that they can, among other things, promise clients that the qualify for one of the IRS's tax debt resolution programs, promise to eliminate or reduce interest and penalties that have accrued on the consumers' tax debt, and promise clients that retaining defendants will stop or prevent IRS efforts to collect on the consumers' back tax liability, including promising to stop or prevent wage garnishments and bank levies. Only the IRS, not the defendants, can effect these results.
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Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ronnie deutch ripped me off for $2500

ronnie deutch said they could help me, i sent them $1500, after a year of asking me for all kinds of info (that i sent on time) the IRS sent me a letter saying they had NOT received info in a timely manner....I called ronnie deutch & they said for another $1000 they could reopen the case...i sent the money & about 6 months later ronnie deutch called me & said they could NOT handle my case. dont use ronnie deutch !!! i hope the Atty Gen closes them down & that they back pay all the people they ripped off. ronnie deutch is a lying cheater!!
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I wish I knew where you lived Dave because you would be sleeping in YOUR bed PERMANENTLY you ***!


I paid them $3,600 to settle my case with the IRS and after they sent me so much paperwork almost on a daily bias, they told me they could only set up a payment plan with the IRS for $1800 a month. This was about 2/3 of my monthly income.

I hung up with them and called the IRS myself and set up a payment plan for $250 a month. I requested my money back since really they did nothing for me. They told me I was lucky that they don't sue me for more money because ever time they sent me a notice it cost $150.

They are a total scam. The IRS will work with you.



I, too, have been ripped of by Ronie Deutch for $1500. They just terminated my case because I needed an extra week to make my monthly payment, even though I have a document that stipulates that if I'm late, there would be a $35 late fee. And, a lady named Moan from the billing department told me I could pay this Friday, October 29, which is 5 days past my payment date.

Anyway, it's obvious that they're a scam, but what else can I do to try and get my money back, or at least most of it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and good luck to all of you who have been cheated.

To conclude, to Dave who wrote, "If you paid your taxes and filed your returns on time, and didn't try to get over on the IRS, FTB, or what ever state you may be in, by filing inacurate tax returns. Roni Deutch wouldn't even be in business, and you wouldn't need any one like her. YOU made the bed, now sleep in it.", many people pay their taxes on time and still get hit with extra tax money that they had no idea they owed. So, how about if people like you, Dave, stay in their own perfect little world and not issue any baseless, generalized comments.



If you paid your taxes and filed your returns on time, and didn't try to get over on the IRS, FTB, or what ever state you may be in, by filing inacurate tax returns. Roni Deutch wouldn't even be in business, and you wouldn't need any one like her. YOU made the bed, now sleep in it.


I wish I knew how to put a stop to this madness of the Roni Deutch ripping folks off. It just so sad that because of the size of the company that they are getting away with taking advantage of families in dire help.

I check back periodically on the sites such as this one and others (i.e. RipOff) and read over and over the same situation that happen to myself.



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Fremont, California

Dont pay any money to Roni Deutch Tax Attorney

I paid $500 dollars toward the deposit of $1200. It was time for my 3 payment when a very very rude customer service rep called for the payment. Explained to him I needed to make my deposit could they draft my account the following day. OMG, all *** broke loose. I was threatened and called twice in the same day by the same rep telling me he was going to drop my case if I did not make the payment. OK, fine just send my money back. After 3 months of wondering when I would get a refund. I am sent a bill telling me I get no refund and in fact I owe them an additional $400. The company never did any work to represent me being that I never returned my paper work giving permission to represent me. SO I was charged for all of the 10 letters that I recieved from her company that I am sure was already typed and standard for all clients. You just plug in a name and mail it. I was also charged for the 2 times that i talked to them on the telephone requesting my money. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM
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Stone Mountain, Georgia
I am one, or was one, of Roni Deutch's customers in a new center that just opened in my area. I made a business call to their corporate center and spoke with Russell Deutch. The man was offinsive, aggressive and extremely rude while yelling at me. I was asked to call...
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Nice Larry Bond, give me a jingle!

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#191779 Review #191779 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Livermore, California

Ripped off another family

This has got to be the worse company ever. The IRS should be going after them, how do you spell CROOK (RONI DEUTCH) We have never been treated so badly. The same paperwork over and over again. You can never speak to an attorney only the billing office who seems to control everything. They run this place like an assembly line just waited for the next fool to drop some more money into there laps and not do anything about it. Do not under any circumstances use these people. Find yourself a real credited attorney in your own state who might actually give a dam about the people they represent.
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Trust me, the people that hire her are trying to resolve the debt. They are not running from the Govt., so don't write stuff like that.

I used to work there and these people were trying to be responsible. Contact your Attorney General. In CA she is being sued for 34 million to compensate the people she ripped off. I feel so bad for ever working there.

I am helping the Attorney with info to help the people that were screwed. We did not know it at the time, but we figured it out later.

good luck, and definately file a report. She has already been sued in New York and lost.


I used to work there...big scam. She is being sued for 34 million by the CA Attorney General.

Maybe you can get some of the compensation if you e mail them. The money is going to the ripped off clients...


Maybe some good Americans lost their jobs to crooked CEO's and cannot pay their taxes you ***! :grin


Maybe these people who owe taxes are getting screwed because they are screwing the Americans that actually pay their taxes.

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#188706 Review #188706 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Roni Deutch Rip Off Tax Attornies & Preparers!

I'm currently in a battle with the attorney side over my 2300.00 because they had my money & file for a month & did nothing but send me correspondence letters acting like they were doin' something. I could never speak to or get a personal return call from my "assigned attorney". Thankfully I reversed the charges on the credit card so they have the up hill battle. The tax preparation side is not much better. I hired them together but they're separate...huh? Another 700.00 later. I had 7 years back taxes to file. They've only done 4 two months later, and now everytime I call for the past week a message says their office is closed. The bottom line Roni Deutch is greedy. They are intaking way more than they can handle, so a lot of people are fallin through the cracks. Check out
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Dear Djam, We are very sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time contacting the Roni Deutch Tax Center you have been working with to complete your past due tax returns. Our national customer service team would very much like the opportunity to help you resolve any out standing issues.

Our toll free phone number is 866-436-****. Please give us a call so that we start working on a solution for you.

#186449 Review #186449 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Antioch, California

Strong Arm Robbery

I am starting to understand the tactics used by the Law Firm of Ronnie Deutch. I agreed to pay them $5,000.00 U.S. dollars in return for what they call an Offer in Compromise settlement. I am on my last payment and my salary was levied against to a point were I can not support my family nor pay any bills. I called them to inquire how much longer before a settlement is reached. I also explained that I would not be able to make my LAST payment because of my financial situation. Attorney Elizabeth Kim said "Well these things take time and you should be sensible and understand that we are working hard to get you the best possible solution". As for my last payment, I was informed that if not made by 05/10/2010 they will drop me as a client. My question is this. How long does it take to reach a settlement with the IRS? My case is on its sixth month and I have not seen anything that looks like a settlement. The only thing I hear is that my case is being reviewed and that they should be submitting it to the IRS shortly. Is it possible that they wait to collect on all the agreed upon monies and then give you a lame excuse as to why they can't help? I hear many angry people voicing concerns and alleged misconduct. Has anyone filed a complaint yet? I have this one payment to make and I guess I will see for my self if this is indeed a practice of this Firm.
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CJ- I think you are scott juceam or a legit member of the Deutch mob family. The Attorney General said that the Roni Deutch law firm scammed people out of MILLIONS while doing little or no work.

I know. I was there!


Roni Deutch was closed down by the State law enforcement of Calf. for fraud.

Call the California Attorney Generals office or file a complaint online. Scott Juceam, Roni Deutchs illegite brother, worked at the Roni Deutch law Firm for 10 yrs until it was being shut down then opened his own tax resolution service, according to the Attorney General, under a different name called the Juceam Group with money scammed from consumers fro the Law Firm. Also call Scott Juceam, or Roni Deutchs other brother that is now at the Juceam group, Russel Deutch. Demand your refund from them- they are the Deutch mob that just changed names when the law was shutting down their sisters scam.

Act fast, because law enforcement is also after the Juceam group for ..guess what?

F R A U D!!! and the state is trying to freeze the Juceams Groups money as we speak to pay back Roni Deutchs victims.



I paid these folks over 3k for an Offer In Compromise. They offered the IRS $120 and the IRS denied it and asked for $4800.

When I went to Roni D, they said the fee I paid was for only ONE offer to the IRS and I would have pay (rehire) them if I wanted to appeal. I almost ended up with a big default. Luckily I contacted the IRS and did my own paper work and settled for the $4800. Only thing I got from Roni was in a sense a $3k training lesson on how to work with the IRS.

They said it would take six months....I did it on my own in 3.

So don't think they will stick with you til the end becuase they wont. As it was after paying the IRS, getting no tax return for 2 years and paying Roni Deutch I still ended up somehow paying out the $20k I originally owed in back taxes.


I called the IRS directly when I was first notified by them about a $13000 dollar tax bill because of my X wifes fraud. They worked with me and I paid only 1/10th of the whole amount. I didn't pay any attorney for help, and it doesn't take a lawyer to pick up the phone and get things done.


I have a friend who tried dealing with the IRS on his own and yes he got a payment established on his own but then the IRS wanted the monthly amount increased to an amount that he could not afford. He hired Roni Deutch and settled $80,000 for a couple of thousand plus a few thousand in legal fees. It took about 8 months but they really helped him.


i agree,they are the biggest rip-offs ever! if anyone can find out how to sue them let me know, i ended up calling the irs myself and have gotton further than they have in a year and a half! its funny to hear the different prices,i paid $2,500,so for the person who paid $5,000 you may want to have Roni refer to this website and ask them why do they charge so many differnt prices?


AJ I think you work for one of these firms because you haven't been taken for your money and you haven't had to worry about how you are going to take care of your children. You don't have to worry about if you will have some where to sleep because some law firm scammed you.

I am proof you can talk to IRS yourself because Roni scammed me and I called and talk to IRS myself and got more done then they did so yes you can talk to them yourself.

If you are smart anyone reading this don't pay another lawyer to handle your IRS debts because it's a RIP OFF that's just what it is. These are the kinds of situations that causes people to snap.


I'm not saying this company does or doesn't overcharge people, but I do know that sometimes it is worth it to pay someone to do "something you can do yourself". I COULD change my own oil, do my own taxes, represent myself in court, etc., but it's worth it to pay someone.

Whether Roni is the firm to go with, I don't know.

But this notion that something is a scam because you could do it yourself is silly. It's getting a bit out of control that I hear this so often.


I don't know what problems you have with the IRS but more often than not, you can deal direct with the IRS and get satisfaction. These so-called "tax help" organizations (JK Harris, et al) are bogus and can't do anything with the IRS that you can't do yourself. And the IRS doesn't charge you for their help.

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#181251 Review #181251 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Pompano Beach, Florida


DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION to have your taxes done! The owners claim to be educated tax professionals however they attempted to file your taxes incorrectly. Matt Sidhu (co-owner of this franchise location) attempted to file our taxes with a large tax write off that was not allowed by the IRS which would have cost us additional penalties.. had we followed through with the filing. My husband and I didn't want any problems or to make a big deal out of it. Since they hadn't processed the filing yet, we figured we'd just take our business somewhere else. So, we politely let them know that we would not be filing through them and would be in to collect our original documents. When my husband went to pick up our documents, Matt Sidhu (co-owner), told my husband that we could not have our documents until we paid him. My husband asked if he could just see what documents they had (to make sure they weren't any of our originals) and the owner replied that angrily "NO! Your papers are in a folder and you can't see what's in the folder until you pay me!" My husband was stunned and said, "excuse me? I can't even see what you have?" And the owner told my husband to "Get out of here!". He threw my husband out of his store! The owner was very aware of the mistake that he was making on our tax documents and just should have given us our papers. Instead they treated us badly and are now threatening to take us to collections for the "wrong" work he did. We are absolutely appalled by all of this. DO NOT GO THIS LOCATION! EVER!!!!!!!!!
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I have seen Roni Deutch commercials on television and wondered if the business was reputable.

The great thing about this site is that people like you (everyone commenting) helps save us the trouble of experiencing the same fate. I hate that you were scammed though.


Sorry to hear about your demise. I too was scammed by CROOK = Roni Deutch last year.

This is Roni Deutch's M.O.:

* Pay up $2000 (or more)

* They will do an installment plan, never an offer of compromise. They are in the business of installments plans - that's it.

* FAX all of your info - they WILL hold your tax info for a month+ and may work on your case or not or till you call them.

* YOU WILL NEVER TALK TO YOUR ATTORNEY, only the flunky "legal secretary" who knows NOTHING about your case and takes messages.

* You end up paying MORE taxes than what you bargained.


Call a lEGITIMATE tax attorney who has a reputable background, who can negotiate a reasonable resolve to your tax woes---and one actually cares about their client. The money you spend is worth it.


I was looking for help with my back taxes. I started searching the internet and compiled a list of tax firms I wanted to check out. One of the first that I called was Tax Defense Network. I really liked the way they handled themselves over the phone and took a lot of notes on their company. After we concluded the call, the tax specialist they put me on with told me to check out the competition, of which he sent me links to many of his competitors. He told me that I should do my due diligence and really check out the firms out there, and see how treacherous many of these firms are.

That’s when I really started my search. Ironically, the salesman didn’t realize that I cover all bases, and would look into his company a bit deeper also. My first stop was to review their Better Business Bureau rating, which they spoke so fondly of in our extensive phone calls. They claim an “A+” rating, which they stated no one else in the industry had. Well, I can tell you two lies right there – They are “A” rated, not “A+”

and there are, in fact, other “A” rated tax firms out there. First off, why lie about the “+”? As if an “A” is bad in anything. That made want to look a little more into their company.

I then looked up their company with the department of state in Florida, as they were a Florida state company. Tax Defense Network started as a debt settlement company in Jacksonville, Florida. If you look up their officers, Joseph and Franklin Valinho, in Google you will find lawsuits they were charged with as a debt settlement company. Attorney General Charlie Crist attacked them personally for taking advantage of their customers, who received no debt relief whatsoever. The settlement was somewhere in the region of $250,000 and was reached in 2006. I immediately got a bad taste in my mouth, but the search continued.

I then come to find out that their “A” rating BBB file started in 2007, meaning their current rating doesn’t reflect this little transgression Tax Defense committed against their customers in years prior. Also, the BBB file doesn’t even show the Valinhos as officers of the company, while the record stands with the state of Florida that they are. More lies. Lastly, and most disturbingly, is that they use this rating for separate websites that seem to be different companies but are really Tax Defense Network with a different face (i.e. At first I thought they just bought a different domain and linked it to their main site, but it seems that these are meant to look and seem different, even though it leads you to the same corrupt people.

The moral of the story – DO YOUR RESEARCH! These guys aren’t who they say they are. I am still searching for help with the irs, so if anyone has worked with someone or a firm that isn’t completely full of it, please get back to me with a referral. I am in dire need, but don’t want to just give my money away to any liars or crooks.

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1. Written by Joe Blow, on 02-07-2010 11:18

The Valinho brother are crooks. They live in Jacksonville Golf and CClub. Their kids go to private school, and this all occurs because fools are paying them $$$$$ to do something that the client can do on their own.

These guys belong in jail with Bernnie Madoff.


Comments on Tax Defense Network

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I wish to be contacted by email regarding additional comments

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Sacramento, California

Roni l. deucth rip off

I think all of use ripped off by roni deucths company should file a class action law suit to get our back and be able to hire a good tax company. they also took my money, overload you with confussing paper work. also prepaid thier tax service 700.00 with no results.How does the us attorney general not investigating this meliluos thevery. The only recoarse is a class action suit to get everyones money back.if interested in this process post your feelings here and maybe we can get enough support to take these people on. it takes a group effort to win.
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The Juceam Group- aka THE NIGHTMARE GROUP


The *** Deutch family is now operating 'THE JUCEAM GROUP' Try getting your money back from Scott Juceam or Russel Deutch at the Juceam Group - they are BOTH Roni Deutches brothers and worked and managed the Deutch Law Firm for 10 years. Same people/same family from Roni Deutch are at THE JUCEAM GROUP trying to avoid paying back the millions they riped off.


For your worst nightmares, Call The Juceam Group


Started off getting ripped off by Roni Detsch.. Then the emails and paperwork started to say Juceam Group..

the wanted more money and claimed to not have any of may paperwork although I sent it signed receipt requested 4 times!.. Then didnt here from them for over a year and a half now i am getting calls from OMG tax wanting more money or they say they wont do anymore work but they have not been able to show any work done at all on my case...

They are not getting any more money from me and i would love to get my money back from them...!


Started off getting ripped off by Roni Detsch.. Then the emails and paperwork started to say Juceam Group..

the wanted more money and claimed to not have any of may paperwork although I sent it signed receipt requested 4 times!.. Then didnt here from them for over a year and a half now i am getting calls from OMG tax wanting more money or they say they wont do anymore work but they have not been able to show any work done at all on my case...

They are not getting any more money from me and i would love to get my money back from them...!


I was unaware that she had been shut down, just tried to call to get some information re/ the IRS " agreement", phone are disconneted. How do you know who to trust with these matters?

We sent her over $4000.

thinking we had help. The next question is, who do you trust to help with a class action suit.


The Calf Attorney Generals office has already filed separate lawsuits against Roni Deutch, and then her illegite brother Scott Juceam, at the Juceam Group, for fraud. At least part of the Deutch family is now operating at the Juceam Group so give them a call and demand your refunds!!

Contact the California Attorney generals office ref the lawsuit. They ripped me off good too!



i wish i could ring one of their necks. she took me for $3,000.00.

took all that i didnt have to give. made false promises i want in on the lawsuit if there is going to be onecLcty


The Deutch family moved over to the 'Juceam Group' while the attorney general was shutting down the law firm for fraud. Call Scott Juceam (Roni Deutchs illigit brother) at the Juceam group for your money back. If Scott cant help, call Russel Deutch at the juceam group, Roni Deutchs other brother.


Lets get this Class Action suit going-- I got hit for $5000

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