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Ronni Lynn Duetch - Dispicable Conduct

I too have been scammed by Ronni Duetch. Over the last 5 months I have paid them over $1400 and they accomplished absolutely nothing. I have been out of work since mid January. When I informed The Law offices of Ronni Lynn Duetch that I was unable to make my March 13th payment they quickly turned on me, telling my they would be dropping me as a client. I informed them that for the next few days I was still their client and asked to speak with Kelly Mieske the attorney assigned to my case. To my surprise she actually returned my call within 3 hours but all she did was give me a song and dance. I was requesting that they allow me 60 days to get back on my feet and continue my payments, I told them that I would not expect them to do any work on my case until I had resumed payments. Ms. Mieske had the nerve to tell me that if they were to do as I requested It would have a financial impact on there company so great that they would no longer be able to offer a payment plan to future clients. In fairness I believe she meant that if they were to offer a period of time to resume payments as a company policy it would have that impact on there company. Even if that was the case can someone please explain to me the cost of having an open but inactive case. Then I realized that once they drop me I will at some point need to hire someone else. At this point it dawned on me that these companies feed off each others victims. I won't be rehiring Ronni Duetch, but I am sure there are a lot of people that have jumped from R. Duetch and hired JK Harris or TaxMasters. Talk about going from "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire." The unfortunate truth is that while despicable I don't believe they broke any laws, or contractual agreements, in how they treated me. What I would like to do is compile as large a list of detailed complaints as possible. My goals are to show a pattern of unethical treatment of their clients. If anything can be done about them it will be through showing this type of pattern. Once I have compiled a large enough list I intend to use it in 4 ways: First I will send it to the regulatory agencies (Bar Associations) and Atty. Generals offices seeking regulatory control to curb their predatory behavior. Second I will forward it to State and Federal Legislators seeking to curtail their practices through the passing of new laws. Third and maybe most important I will forward the complaints to the media, both local and national. In the time it's taken me to compose this letter I have seen 3 ads for TaxMasters and 1 add each for Ronni Duetch and JK Harris. They spend allot of money on TV and radio ads. This needs to be combated. Fourth I would like to look into the possibility of a class action law suit. For any of these steps to have any chance of success I need more than anonymous complaints. I am asking for as detailed a complaint as possible including: Your full name, City and state where you resided when you contacted R.Duetch, the location of their local offices, amounts paid to them, services ( or lack there of ) they provided, Services that were promised, any other info pertaining to your case. For this to carry any weight I need contact info, either e-mail address or phone number. You have my word that I will not contact you. The contact info I am asking for is for the sole purpose of verifying your complaint and will only be used by the above mentioned entities, Bar assoc., AGs, Media, and possibly a class action attorney. These people, Law offices of Ronni Lynn Duetch, have hurt me at a time when I was most vulnerable. They target people when they are their weakest. We need to stand up to them, even if it is only some bad press we cant take this lying down. Thank you for your help. Fellow Victim Michael F Freeze 818-469-**** mffphotography@***.com PS, Please email your complaints to the above email.addy and feel free to email or call me if you have already tried any of the steps I mentioned. Any info you can provide me will be greatly appreciated. Please place "RLD Complaint" in the subject line.
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Why should he pay taxes,***,that's why we allow stinking parasite's from the 3rd world to illegaly enter this country of our's.They're the perfect TAX writeoff.***,it's all about AMERICAN ingenuity.Got it.


Are you an attorney??????? You try to act like one!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh thats not right!!!!!!! Your a lowlife *** who thinks they dont have to pay their taxes.

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Pleasanton, California
I have a complaint and need help getting them to give back my $500 I gave them as a deposit for them to stop my Tax Levy. They said if I got the money to them ASAP they would immediately contact the IRS to have my Tax Levy at the most minimum reduce the Levy. They...
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Now you will have to check with the new tax resolution company that Roni Deutch appears to have formed with ther brother 'The Juceam Group'. Check for your money there. Scott Juecam, CEO and President- Ronis brother

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San Francisco, California

No tax review, no customer service

I went to Roni Deutch tax center on Pilot House Road and Jefferson in Newport News and worked with Pam on my tax return. She was having trouble linking my documents and decided she needed to talk to the Help Desk. She told me she'd call me back when she was finished and I could come back in. I left and ran some errands, 4 hours later I got a call back and she told me she couldn't get me a higher return because I made too much money and that the Help Desk had gone over every line with her. I said, okay, I'll come in tomorrow and go over the paperwork and bring you a voided check so I can get direct deposit. She hesitated and said, the check will just get mailed to your house, I said, no, I want direct deposit...she hemmed, she hawed and then she said she had ALREADY submitted my tax return to the IRS and it was too late. Unbelieveable, I didn't get to sign nor approve my own tax return. So she says she will try to get it back but won't know until and will be in the office first thing in the morning to get it resolved. I called the office this morning, she isn't there and neither is the owner...I'm so upset...and I am not going to take this type of service sitting down!
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Washington, District Of Columbia

I gave them my money.They gave me nothing

I gave them $3000.00 over 8 months for an offer and compromise on a $52000.00 IRS debt. they offered the IRS $238.00. It was denied. Before they even entered the OIC I told them that the IRS would not except an offer that low. I was told by one of there phone jockeys that they do this all the time. I say phone jockeys because I never got to speak to my attorney at all.just some phone jockey who knew nothing about my case. Well it was denied my phone jockey said they did all they could do but if I wanted to hire them again they would send in a higher OIC. Can you believe that? They wanted me to hire them again. You've got to be crazy. As if I would be dumb enough to let them take my money twice.It is all to familiar, companies,agencies,etc. take your money make promises they cant fulfill and walk away with your money. Something needs to be done!!!
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EDMUND G. BROWN JR. Attorney General of California FRANCES T. GRUNDER Senior Assistant Attorney General KATHRIN SEARS

Supervising Deputy Attorney General ALYCE C. SANDBACH (State Bar 141894) ALEXANDRA ROBERT GORDON (State Bar 207650) CONOR P. MOORE (State Bar 230079)

Deputy Attorneys General 455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 11000 San Francisco, CA 94102-**** Telephone: (415) 703-**** Fax: (415) 703-****





v. RONI DEUTCH, A PROFESSIONAL TAX CORPORATION, a California corporation; RONI LYNN DEUTCH, an individual; and DOES 1 through 100, inclusive, Defendants.


Plaintiff, the People ofthe State of California, by and through Edmund G. Brown Jr., Attorney General ofthe State of California, alleges the following on information and belief:

This action is brought against Defendants, who regularly violate California law while preying on consumers who cannot afford to pay their tax liability and are facing collection actions by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In order to convince consumers to pay Defendants thousands of dollars in fees, Defendants falsely promise them that they qualify for one ofthe IRS's programs to resolve taxpayers' back tax liability. In return for these fees, however, Defendants usually provide little or no assistance to their clients.

Consumers from California and around the country have fallen viCtim to Defendants' unlawful scam, losing thousands ofdollars that could have been used to pay their tax liability to the IRS. In this action, Plaintiff seeks an order permanently enjoining Defendants from engaging in unfair business practices, granting restitution to victims, imposing civil penalties, and granting all other :relief available under California law.


Defendant Roni Deutch, a Professional Tax Corporation (Deutch), is a California corporation and law firm with its principal place ofbusiness in North Highlands, California, in Sacramento County. Defendant Deutch operates a web site at At all relevant times, Defendant Deutch has transacted and continues to transact business throughout ,California, including Sacramento County.

Defendant Roni Lynn Deutch (Roni Deutch), an individual, is the founder, owner, and president ofDeutch. At all relevant times, Defendant Roni Deutch was an attorney licensed by the State Bar ofCalifornia. Defendant Roni Deutch, acting alone or in concert with, others, has formulated, directed, controlled, authorized, or participated in the acts and practices set forth in this Complaint. At all relevant times, Defendant Roni Deutch has transacted and continues to transact business throughout California, including Sacramento County.

The true names and capacities, whether individual, corporate, associate or otherwise, ofdefendants sued herein as Does 1 through 100, inclusive, presently are unknown to Plaintiff, who therefore sues said defendants by such fictitious names. Plaintiff will seek leave to



the samething happened to me after they ripped me off for 3000.00 the stop contacting me and returning my calls


OMG, someone has to stop them, Liz Cruz and George miller, same thing happened to me and Liz I think I spoke to the same Awhole who you are referring to. I am beginining to suspect the Attorney's they say work there don't even exsist.

Liz have you checked on Lawyer Nicole Handly and find out if she is really a licensed attorney. I think they may be making up fake names and they do not have attorneys.


It's crazy I should have investigated them more then I did. The stories I'm reading sound so much like mine.

I gave me the deposit to start my case. I became ill and was late an my additional payment one day after my late payment I recieved a call from the billing department from the nasty most unprofessional man that I could have ever spoken to ... He said I don't care what happen to you we need out money. I then Ask to speak to the so call Lawyer Nicole Handly who was handling my situation and you could never speak to her nor her so call assistant Daniel Tovitt.

I called for a refund of my $500.00 and the stated send a letter in writing we will review but it can take up to 35 days before a refund is sent to you I laughed so hard it took you one day to cancel me due to an emergency but it takes 35 days to get my money back and that Roni Deutch how can she run a business so messed up.

something has to be done... I'm about to file a compliant with BBB which everyone should and shout them down...

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Cincinnati, Ohio

Roni Lynn Deutch

This Tax Service is a rip off,After 3 years and 2500 dollars they found a poor excuse to just drop my case without reasonable cause.They have so many different people handling your case that things always get lost.If you contest you will be dropped.Here is fair warning Dont use this service,This service is only for those select few who meet a host of reuirements,in all actuality very few people achieve satifaction and this company still gets all the overhead because YOU WILL NOT GET ANY MONEY BACK,they will do anything ethical or unethical so that you do not get back a return,remember they are a law firm and know the rules if you think you can win you will be sorry,They used lawyers against me in a arbitration over 2500 dollars.
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Annapolis, Maryland

Ripped me off of $1,875.00 the last of my 401k

What these people have done to me is the very reason this country has problems. They are the worst of the worst. They got me for $1,875.00 and 10 days befor my 90 day irs mandate, to appeal they cancelled my power of attorney. I can only hope and pray that others aren't suffering the way I am. What a God awful shame that this country has come to this. Spread the word and good luck!! At this point and time I have no where to turn. At one point they sent me a letter stating that if I no longer wanted their service I would not have to continue with my payments if I was on the payment plan. How thoughtful seeing as I paid them in full. I want a full refund; and all television, radio, and newspapers that are pushing their business should be ashamed of themselves. People the irs is on to them!
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They riped us off they want there money to help us but like everyone else says on here they did not do a thing to help they wanted there money every month,that took 6 months to pay and we struggled.all they did was send the same papers over and over again why was we always sending the same stuff, many timed tried to talk to the leave a message they got 48 hours to call back. What is that all I can say is I want my money back my husband got slamed with a levy we set up Payments with IRS all the late fees and intrest should be paid to us also by these people becouse if they did what they was to do for us it wouldn't have been so high...


I put myself in their hands also. Dumb, dumb, dumb; I reacted to an IRS invitiation to pay money I didn't have.

In my shock I didn't look before I leaped.

It turned out I should have went to the IRS myself right away. I requested refund but judging from the comments I read, I am doubtful; one more for the class action suit.





well I started with them a few months ago and i never got a return from this company. they told me they don't give refunds cause we already did work for you and we have our fees and we cant return your money.

I was told that cause I wasn't working and didn't have any assets that they couldn't come after me. but they did. the IRS garnished my trust fund that my father set up for me before he passed and also they took portions of my unemployment. So when this company told me that they can help me and protect me, I felt kind of good.

but when a month passed and I was still getting garnished and I already paid them 1575 up front. now I was thinking, oh dam what did I just do. So I went through all the threats to them and everything and still no money back. So I was just screwed.

but I still needed help to stop the garnishments and the IRS wanted to much money from me. So a friend of mine found a firm that he said could help me out, they did want a fee up front but also it was refundable if they couldn't get any results for you. The fee was 199 which was a investigation charge or something. then from there, the garnishment was stopped and I got the paperwork on that and also my total tax obligation was reduced and the amount they got for me monthly was very doable for me.

so if you wanna give them a go, I would tell you to no doubt. the guy who helped me out was named dennis or ennis white.try this number 877 517 ****. now i'm paying 78 dollars a month and the IRS was taking 620 a month from me.

and I also got the money returned to me in the form a refund. so i hope to never be in this position again.


they did the same thing to me,i ended up calling the IRS agent who was in charge of my case and she told me she contacted them for more info,and never got anything.and now i have missed my dead line for filling for an appeal,if there is a way to sue them i will find out,but please continue to post your complaints.


People--pay your taxes each year. And if you can't--don't be afraid of the IRS, be afraid of the scams that claim to help you.


Get a job, deadbeats! :cry :cry :cry


Have you filed a complaint with the California State Bar? Have you filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau? Have you contacted an attorney to bring suit?


Perfect comment from James


Can I get my money back If they are as greedy as you state here? What do you recommend!

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Calumet City, Illinois

Roni Lynn Deutch Crooks!

My husband and I hired the tax firm to assist with a tax debt in 11/07 since that time it has been nothing but pure *** to get our money back. After paying them $1700 in fees for a pile of paperwork that didn't amount to anything we still owe the IRS $$$$. When trying to contact them for an answer they stonewall us by saying " a phone call is being made to the IRS". I would advise anyone looking to use this law firm to solve your tax problems avoid them at all cost. They are a crooks!
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Yes she is a crook taking advantage of people who are already struggling. They took me for $3800.00.

They took my case in Feb. 2008 and I started getting letters from IRS in May 2010 so I called them up and was told that they hadn't heard anything from my lawyer since July 2009. Know because of them I went from oweing IRS $14000.00 to 33000.00 . All they did was got me in deeper debt with the IRS.

There has got to be something we can do about this so that people can get there money back and get something for pain and suffering because this has been really stressful knowing someone took you for money that you didn't really have. I borrowed the money to pay them and know my friend who lent it to me wants it back. There has got to be something we can do . When you call and ask to speak with Ms.

Deutch they say she doesn't take phone calls . I want to know how do you have a law firm and do ads on TV and not take phone calls. THAT"S CRAZY. Well my faith is in God and what goes around will come back to get you one day.

For all the people They took advantage of God will deal with them. For everything in my life i have Jesus and that means Roni Lynn Deutch also.

#135413 Review #135413 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Portland, Oregon


Roni Deutch ( A Professional Tax Corporation), yeah right, they are nothing but professional crooks! My boyfriend hired them to handle his tax problems. The sales man told us you put $496.00 retainers fee then pay 334.00 for the next 6 months total of $2,500.00. Your tax problems would be cleared up. They have not cleared anything up for us. Everytime you try to call them you can't get a hold of them. They tell you to feel out all this paperwork, including you tax returns, your banking information, then they send you a letter telling you that you are in non collectable status. Don't worry IRS can't touch you when you are in this status. Then they figure out that you make more money than you do to keep you out of this status. I could have paid off back bills, called the IRS and settle this with them with payments,(with what I paid Roni Deutch I could have paid them off). More people need to stop being scammed by these attorneys, just a little advise always check the company out before you decide to retain them. More americans need to call the attorney generals office and the BBBUREAU and turn them in.
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They are running a scam. They are so firendly and helpful during their "intake process" but once you retain them, they are unavailable and do not resolve anything in a diligent matter (like they claim in their paperwork).

The people in the sales center and the collection center are rude and obnoxious. I actually had two people hang up the phone on me becasue I said I wouldn't pay my bill unless they gave me answers.

They threatned to take me to court if I didn't pay them (and I'm not even late on a payment). I retained them for a service not tobe treated like ****!


Similar thing is happening to me. I was charged $350.

retainer fee and now am paying $297 a month for legal fees. On 5/18 I received a letter from the IRS dated 5/19 informing me about a tax levy against my Social Security. I sent a copy of this letter to my attorney, S. Culbreath and asked why the IRS took this action and they did not notify me.

I needed to know if this was a resolve for my tax payments to IRS. I have never received, except for one phone call that I missed by minutes any explanation. The levy on my Social Security happened so quickly that I did not have time to restructure my budget. I am retired and placed blind faith in this organization.

I still owe payments through August of this year. I had hoped they would come up with a payment plan that I could manage.

To date nothing has happened. I learned a lesson about trust and blind faith - it's not out there.


Be careful with Elias Mansur who works for Roni Deutch, they are liars they stole $2000.00 from me. They lied about what they do, their sales people are all about lies, they tell you what you wanna hear so you get stuck with them and then they don't do anything, their phone operators are retarded.

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#131684 Review #131684 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Las Vegas, Nevada