Dixon, California

the Roni Duesch tax center in Elk Grove did my taxes for me in 2009..they were done incorrectly..brought to their attention, they stated they would pay the difference..which was in our contract..I gave them the paper work from IRS to only find they had made payment arrangements ($900.00) and have missed the last 2 payments. Is there anyone out there that can help me recover the funds.

Do I need to hire an attorney? I have spoke with the Manager several times only to get the I will take care of this.

I ask if they were Bonded and got the reply they are not available now. I have recieved several letters from IRS regarding this error, not sure how to handle the situation.

B Capel

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Wow,they said they would pay your additional taxes for you? I would love to know what the error was.

As to the comment that you should save money and do it yourself: Unless you have no deductions, and just a W-2 that's ok but for most they should hire a pro. A pro being a full-time tax professional and not a part-time worker who does taxes on the side.


I think I read that Roni Deutsch company has filed for bankruptcy. In any event, you should stay away from that company and any of these type companies.

Do your own taxes. Buy TaxAct instead and save yourself alot of money.