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I paid $500 dollars toward the deposit of $1200. It was time for my 3 payment when a very very rude customer service rep called for the payment.

Explained to him I needed to make my deposit could they draft my account the following day. OMG, all *** broke loose. I was threatened and called twice in the same day by the same rep telling me he was going to drop my case if I did not make the payment. OK, fine just send my money back.

After 3 months of wondering when I would get a refund. I am sent a bill telling me I get no refund and in fact I owe them an additional $400. The company never did any work to represent me being that I never returned my paper work giving permission to represent me. SO I was charged for all of the 10 letters that I recieved from her company that I am sure was already typed and standard for all clients.

You just plug in a name and mail it.

I was also charged for the 2 times that i talked to them on the telephone requesting my money. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM

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