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i payed them all money required 3700 dollars they said they would have a offer in compromise within 7 months. 2.5 years later no offer.they filed a obsolete form that irs said no to.

then they sent an amount that irs would not take as it was bellow the minium requirments. then when i called up the attorneys office to complain the attorney said we will take that as you are fired us as your attorney. i said i did not fire you. i only told you i wanted a offer in conpromise as you promised dont you people know what your doing you filed with irs 2 times and both times because of your mistakes irs turned them down.the attorney said no you fired us.

i filed with az attorney general. they stated that the law firm did wrong and advised me to send a complaint to california attorney general.they said they investigated the law firm and found no wrong doing and closed the case.

if your in bossiness to do a job you should know what forms to use.not obsolete forms. and you should know minium dollar amount irs will settel for r.g.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

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Call Mr Scott Juceam at the Juceam Group. The Deutch family (at least both of the Deutch brothers) started operating out of the Juceam Group when they where shut down at their sisters law firm, Roni Deutch.


This is why people are told to wait for their W-2 s. The difcreenfe is probably a deduction for something you have taken out pre-tax like health care or retirement.Did you file it yourself, or with somebody like H&R Block?

If you filed through someone else, call them and ask if it was transmitted yet they're not legally allowed to send it to the IRS without having the W-2.If you filed it yourself, then you know it's already sent. In that case, you'll have to file an amended return, 1040X. You can download the form and instructions at

It's not real complex, but must be filed on paper, not efiled.For your state, do it with the correct numbers from your W-2. You might end up with a letter from them too if they do their computer match with the feds before your federal return is corrected.You're not in trouble with the IRS, but you've caused yourself some unnecessary aggravation.Good luck.