Matthews, North Carolina
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Roni Deutch is a rip off,rip off,rip off and they are rude. You take my info and tell me I qualify for offer of compromise to lure me in then you debit my account then inform me after a couple of payments that I don't qualify.

Ok I submit for refund and 35 days wait from someone you can't speak to over the phone is ridiculous. This *** has got to stop today. Company is hurting families instead of helping them.

After all the complaints how are they still in business. Were is the BBB at and what have they done.

Monetary Loss: $764.

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I won't go into our ordeal because, after reading dozens of blogs on this site, I can see that her M.O. is about the same with every client;have clients fill out a financial statement and,based on that, they pretty well can tell how much you will go for.

All the time you (and I) are assuming she wants to see your statement so she can tell you if you qualify for an O.I.C.. Actually, she wants to see how much she can scam you for. In our case it was $3000 up front. Someone who is about broke she will set you up on a monthly payment plan.Then the poor folks on that payment plan are strung along forever, with paperwork back and forth and promises and great news like "Hey,IRS has put you in the uncollectable category--Lucky you!" All the while you are assuming they are constantly in touch with the IRS--Ha!

Anyway,lucky for me I have a very intelligent wife who stayed in their face constantly and reamed them out whenever she would get any of that redundant or duplicate paperwork from them. Like the time they asked her to do another P & L statement after she had already done one. Anyway,my highly intelligent wife who graduated law school and comes from a long line of C.P.A.'s knew what buttons to push on the scammers. She was able to do most of the work herself and after about 3 years set us up herself with an offer in compromise contract with IRS and just the other day we received the most welcome letter we have ever received from IRS telling us that our ordeal was completely over;that our OIC had been paid in full.

They just admonished us to pay or taxes timely during the next 5 years. Roni *** really did nothing for us except that we began to see what Roni was actually supposed to be doing and she,my wife,figured out how do do it herself.

I'm one of the very few,I'm sure,who at least persevered and stayed on Roni like gravy on rice and was able to get it done. Of course, we feel horrible for the thousands of others who were strung along with lies and promises until their money ran out and they were dropped but still owed IRS more than when they began with Roni ***