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Just discovered we were ripped off by Roni Deutch for $1460 for services not rendered.I called Roni Deutch to help me with my 2010 taxes.

Because of events out of my control I owed about $15000.00 in Federal and State taxes. The gentlemen I talked to said they would be able to help.Because of my hardship they would be able to file for a comprimise on my behalf. They said it would cost $1700 and i would have to give them $500 retainer fee over the phone. I did that with my debit card but did not give them permission to access my acct.

after that. They said they would handle everything and if they needed anything they would call. I never heard from them again. Starting the next month $240 was taken out of my acct.

and paid to Roni Deutch. I figured they were working on my case. After a couple of months I called to find out the status of my case but no one would return my calls. Then I got a letter from the Juceam Group pertaining to my case.

I called their number asking who they were. All they said was they were handling my case now but never discussed the status of the case with me. I found out today The owner of the Juceam Group is Roni Deutchs brother. They sent me paperwork to fill out and I did three seperate times.

the same paperwork. They said they weren't receiving it. Another lie. After another couple of months went by I called to see what was going on and again no call back.

I knew something was up and today I found out, I was scammed. I called the IRS to see what was going on and they said they had no paperwork from Roni Deutch or the Juceam Group pertaining to any tax case for me. I also found out that I could of just called them and they would have done the same thing I was promised from Roni Deutch. So please beware of The Juceam Group they are crooks.

I called the Calif.

Atty general to file a claim.I hope they get what they deserve.

Monetary Loss: $1460.

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Franklin Grove, Illinois, United States #733077

It sounds like you didn't follow up at all.You waited MONTHS to check on it, you ASSUMED that they are working on your case, you "could OF" filed?

You mean "could HAVE"? because you hear the contraction of '" could " and" have ", aka" could've " and think it is the word could OF? that shows your IQ is exceptionally low. Of course if you let a company take your money then just never call to check on them they are going to move onto the next file, you gotta light a fire under peoples *** these days.

You didn't do your due diligence and you got took and now you're mad because you gave them money then called them months later.

If it were ME id be checking once a week to get a status check.It was mostly your fault.


Deutch and Juceam should NOT have ripped me off.


If you a real nightmare, contact The Juceam Group. You will never wake up.


Try calling Mr Juceam at OMG Tax- heres the proof he's operating there

scott Juceam ‏@omgtax

Thank you Farzana and staff for doing a great job for our clients.


Call the Juceam Group for a refund, or maybe even OMG Tax. They will tell you 'we are a different company' but the same people running it? :(


Interesting, cuz used to love the way that Roni said "Deutch". Tonight saw my first TV commerical for Juceam Group, got a wild hair and looked it up. Surprise!


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Ambridge, Pennsylvania, United States #426014

Admittedly my company has defrauded many consumers, but as I have found my place with God, I am now working on making my self a better person and rectifying my mistakes.

Scott Juceam





Juceam Group: There are laws against impersonating federal law enforcement

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