Norcross, Georgia
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I am so angry. I was trying to help my mom by looking for an attorney because of the IRS was harrassing my mom.

I found Roni Deutch online. They told my mom they can stop the levy on her check. They were charging her 237 a month. She could not afford this but she went with it.

4 months into the service her check was still levied. All they asked her was when was she going to send her next payment. My mom couldnt even afford to pay her rent becausee of the levy. They showed no compassion and gave her no information.

Now they are threatening her with a lawsuit. Can someone please advise us?

Monetary Loss: $1875.

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I forgot to mention, there never was a reprieve from collections. When I asked about that, Roni Deutch reps said, well, it doesn't happen for everyone, read the fine print. Well, I have, I find nothing to the contrary


I paid Roni Deutch $3,300.00 even tho the IRS was taking $3,000.00/mo. from our income.

We were told with our very first phone conversation, there would be a "10 week reprieve from collections because...after all... how could we expect you to pay us if the IRS is taking your money." After making our last payment which was 2 weeks late, we never heard from them again! I called and got a recording, left a message, and still, no contact. It's been 2 months and no one has called or written.

I ended up calling the IRS and negotiating myself and was able to get a reasonable payment plan. Someone needs to open a class action suit.


It appears that the Roni Deutch Law Firm is now 'The Juceam Group' operated by her brother Scott Juceam.


Go on line and file a complaint with the California State Attorney General. We just did. You may be able to get your money or some of it back.