Roni Deutch got closed down for stealing millions of dollars from consumers then re-opened as 'The Juceam Group', owned by Scott Juceam then joined by Dutchbags other brother Russell Deutch - they had to keep the Deutch name out of the new company because everyone knew the Deutch family ripped off so many people. The Juceam Group then changed their name to OMG Tax, still officially operated by Juceam as the front man.

I wonder why these thieves haven't been stopped after these years! They should be in JAIL!! SO SO many innocent people have been hurt by the Deutch family---- justice must be served.

Innocent people must be compensated by these demons. Worst part is, the Sate of California still allows them to operate under OMG Tax!!

Location: Denver, Colorado

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I too was scammed by Ronie Deutch and OMG tax. They are a family of thieves and I cant even get a corrected immigration status now because of Ronie Deutch and her brother, Scott Juceam from OMG tax.

Now Ronie Deutch is back in business?

How could the US Govt allow this? http://ronideutch.com/


I fell victim to her as well! After they got their money I still owed my back taxes.

Never saw a dime back after she was disbarred. If I had the money I could nearly pay off what I own now to the IRS.

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