Ripped off by Roni Deutch who helped open the Juceam Group with her brothers Now I hear the fraudsters are operating OMG Tax? Doing the same services and same scams as Roni Deutch?

Didnt the State just successfully sue the Juceam Group? Can I get my money back from Scott Juceam and or OMG Tax? I find it hard to believe these mfers are still allowed to be operating the same scams and not in jail like a couple of her former employees. Anybody know about this OMG Tax?

I know they are smart enough not to show the names of anyone in the family of the Deutchbag thieves on their website. I feel like driving over to Sacremento to find out what happened to my money!

Monetary Loss: $2200.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Keep your baby safe- away from Scott Juceam


Forgot to post my most shocked discovery...I had no idea they were related!! Deutsch AND the Juceam Group...Wow, that is sickening.


It amazes me how such TV commercial driven businesses can take a hard hit off a TV ad (short story, RLD can't do ads anymore), and yet somehow lighten THEIR damage and shunt to someone else? Roni Deutch--->The Juceam Group? How, how does this happen?


Those Deutch bastards should not have ripped me off. I know Roni Deutch, her brother Russel Deutch and her other brother Scott Juceam were all involved with Roni Deutch and her ripoffs, including MINE. I know they then went on and changed their name to The Juceam group-aka OMG tax - but they wont get away with it.

I want ALL of my mney back you dirty *** at the Juceam Group.


The Juceam Group, OMG Tax, Roni Deutch are all in the family THIEVES! Scott Juceam is Roni Deutches brother- same ***- same thief. I hope I see that Deutch family on American Greed show soon!


Unfortunately I am related and yes they all work together and are brothers and sister


Started off getting ripped off by Roni Detsch.. Then the emails and paperwork started to say Juceam Group..

the wanted more money and claimed to not have any of may paperwork although I sent it signed receipt requested 4 times!.. Then didnt here from them for over a year and a half now i am getting calls from OMG tax wanting more money or they say they wont do anymore work but they have not been able to show any work done at all on my case...

They are not getting any more money from me and i would love to get my money back from them...!


Report those dirty bastards to the California Attorney Generals office- Law enforcement is very familiar with the Deutch/Juceam crooks. :eek :upset :sigh :cry :(


Dont pay them anymore money! File a complaint with the Ca Att General to get YOUR money back from those turds.


I wouldnt trust Scott Juceam and any of his tax businesses as far as I can spit. Just check into the background of Scott Juceam, Roni Deutch, OMG tax- all the same people and scam.

Juceam worked at the Roni Deutch law Firm for over 10 YEARS! and Juceam is Roni Deutches BROTHER!!


Yes indeed- OMG tax WAS The Juceam Group (operated by Scott Juceam) which WAS created by the Roni Deutch family of ***.

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