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I am very upset, Roni Deutch took my money and gave me no satifaction. The office called in june and said the office was closing and they were transferring our case to another law firm, if I had any questions I could call there office well needless to say the number was no good.

I also was sent back to money orders that the IRS was supposed to get to settle our case, again any questions call and they gave me to numbers to call, needless to say they were no good either. Now I still stuck with owing the irs money and not know where to go from here.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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The Deutch family is now operating under 'The Juceam Group', also under investigation for FRAUD. Scott juceam, the 'owner' of The Juceam Group, is Roni Deutchs illegite brother.

Russell Deutch is also at the Juceam Group. Call Scott and demand a refund before he gets shut down too.

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