Roseville, Minnesota

This is a scam company...they took 1,800 and did nothing for us.DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY...

they should be out of business....I would like my money back!!!!! haha they were real fast to set up there payment plan but didnt do anything to real resolve the matter....dealing with someone over the

phone isnt good..sit down and talk to someone ,,,,you can ask questions and see where your money really is going to....Roni Deutsch you should be a shamed of yourself....california better business bureau should put her out of business...before she can sham others.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Info via the BBB (by they still rank the juceam group B+- how is that possible)On November 3, 2011, Funtax, Inc. D/B/A The Juceam Group, Scott Juceam and Robert Forsythe entered into a Final Judgment with the Court to resolve all matters.

The Juceam Defendants do not admit any of the allegations in the complaint, but agreed to stipulate the judgment to avoid further litigation. Judgment in the amount of $72,350 was entered against the Defendants.


The BBB doesn't have that kind of power. Actually they have no power whatsoever.