Ridgefield, Washington

Roni Deutsch's company caused me immense personal pain and put me in personal debt I was never able to pay off. Several years ago, my wife and I got a house with no money down, wife lost her ability to make an income and I was left frantically trying to support us and save our house. To top off all that stress, the IRS hit me for back taxes and so did the State or Oregon, I'm self employed, an artist, and most of us are in deep debt to that institution. Suddenly the IRS emptied my bank account despite my staying in communication with them through letters telling them I couldn't pay them a dime or we would lose our house and become homeless. The stress finally hit me hard and I got very very sick, an intestinal problem that put me in bed for almost a year. My wife called Roni Deutsch and they called us back with some slick *** guy whom we thought was a lawyer. They promised they would intercede with the IRS, get out money back and stop them from attacking me so we wouldn't end up homeless. They told me to keep records of all our bills and fax them an entire year's worth of utility bills and gave us a big list of documents to send them, which we did. They told me I could pay the IRS about $600 and they would leave me alone after that. All of it turned out to be lies.

There was no communication from them at all, after we paid the bill on my credit card, about $1500. We started getting weekly printed newsletters with tax tips from their firm and they didn't answer any of my faxed questions nor returned our phone calls. The IRS got nastier and threatened more serious actions; finally my wife got someone there on the phone who told her they couldn't do anything to help us! They sent me a final document that said we could end our troubles by paying the IRS a huge amount of money instead of the very low amount their sales guy told us before we paid them the $1500. In other words, they did absolutely nothing once we paid them except tell me to pay the full amount (actually a HIGHER amount) I owed the IRS, which was impossible because I was broke and the IRS took my last dime. They cheated us and did absolutely no work other than to send us newsletters that didn't even address our situation.

I see that she is in serious legal trouble now and I hope she ends up in jail and experiences the depths of despair and debt that she put us through. There is nothing worse in my opinion than someone who preys on poor people or sick people in trouble and makes the situation worse. The IRS told us her company had never contacted them so they thought I was being non-communicative. rot in ***, Roni....

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Call Her Brother, Scott Juceam or Russell Deutch at OMG Tax. THEY owe you the money


Hmmm, you buy a house with no money down, don't pay your taxes, and tell the IRS that you won't send them a dime. Is this some disturbing attempt at a joke?


I thought Roni Deutch and Scott Juceam at the Juceam Group were arrested because of all the charges against them?


So you were in financial trouble before you contacted Roni Deutsch and you blame her for everything? Are you serious?

No wonder the IRS took money out of your account. You cheated on your taxes and sent multiple letters saying you refused to pay a dime that you owed.

Just cause you are not making enough money as you once was is no excuse for not paying your taxes. It is people like you who are the reason this country is bankrupt


Roni Deutch promised to settle for 'pennies on the dollar'