Bellevue, Washington
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After paying a hefty retainer fee of $ 500.00, paying $250.00 in countless monthly installments, filling out this form and that form and sending back and forth, which seem like the same paperwork for months and months, I was told that they could not help me. Nothing but a complete waste of time, energy and a huge waste of my money that I will never get back.

I wish that there was a way for anybody who's ever had a Roni Lynn Deutch experience or any other similar experience could have their day of justice. One Big Disappointment and a major Ripoff.

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Call Ronis brother, Scott Juceam, at the 'Juceam Group' and Im sure he will give you a refund. Scott worked at the Roni Deutch law Firm for 10 years, now he has his own firm with some money from Roni, according to the AG. Just dont give him anymo money!