I have a complaint and need help getting them to give back my $500 I gave them as a deposit for them to stop my Tax Levy. They said if I got the money to them ASAP they would immediately contact the IRS to have my Tax Levy at the most minimum reduce the Levy. They never contacted the IRS but instead sent me packet after packet two weeks after receiving my $500 which was deducted thru my debit card. They sent me tons of paper work to fill out and send back to them. I never signed anything nor sent nothing back. I called on several occasions asking to speak to my attorney who was representing me but instead they said customer service would help. The service they sell you is misleading by telling people by sending the $500 attorney retainer fee. We have an attorney, well that was never the case nor was there an antorney available for me ever. They threaten to deduct monthly payments of over $300 per month. I never signed anything and they took my money by promising and misleading me into thinking you have an attorney on retainer and in reality you don't have nothing.

Roni Lynn Deutch, a Professional Tax Corporation

Friday, October 16, 2009 10:38 PM

Roni Deutch Tax Center


(877) 753-****

Monetary Loss: $500.

Location: San Francisco, California

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Now you will have to check with the new tax resolution company that Roni Deutch appears to have formed with ther brother 'The Juceam Group'. Check for your money there. Scott Juecam, CEO and President- Ronis brother


NOVEMBER 17, 2010



40 WALL ST. - 61ST FL.

NEW YORK, NY 10005



I have the same exact thing happening with Tax Masters. They've done nothing for me.

They took $250 off my credit card before I ever received a contract to read. Let alone sign or return it. Be very careful. All this people are scary.

I've been trying for weeks to get my money back from them as well. I just get reply messages saying we don't understand what you want or need from us. I asked for a refund and it's that simple. They continue to say we just don't understand what you need?

It can't be any simpler, they've done nothing for us to get paid for so send our money back.

If you find a good way to get help I'd sure like to know about it too. And if I get anywhere I'll sure write you :-) It's sad , we're already in a bind that's why we're looking for their help and they pray on us when we're already down.


I called and told them that I had 32000 in Tax Debt and the guy Chris told me that I can resolve the debt through their firm. And also get protected from garnishment and any liens or levy's.

So when I went through the paperwork he sent me, he also asked for 2700 up front for them to start working for me.

So I told him to shove it, cause there is no way that i'm paying anyone to do work for me and they don't know exactly whats the full details of the problem. I really didn't know the full details of why the IRS was hitting me for so much. so a friend of mine told me about a firm the he came across and helped him with his tax issues also. So when I called this company, the person that I spoke to by the name of Mr White was really informative and helpful.

He offered me a free Tax Investigation to fully understand my situation. After that he told me what the IRS was looking for and why and also what they can reduce my debt to. I walked away from the debt only Paying 7 cents on the dollar for the total amount. So out of the 32000 I saved around 24000.

So to me that was great. I would advise anyone who has tax issues to visit the website of this firm or call and see what they can do for you.

The website is www.settlewiththeirs.info or you can call (877) 517-**** you can ask for Mr White and he can help you out from there.


Those are all great ideas but will likely take time to get results. Have you contacted the California State Bar or the Better Business Bureau?

Have you sought legal representation and sued?Roni Deutch, as owner of American Tax Relief (ATR), settled a lawsuit in New York filed by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).There is also a law suit filed with the Supreme Court of New York in Kings County by Willie Mae Brown against American Tax Relief, LLC. It began as a class action law suit but the judge did not certify it as a class action so it will proceed as a civil suit instead. You can find this suit on the New York courts website under ecourts home. Use index number 016771/2006.

This case was filed in December 2006. The Attorney of record is Randall S. Newman in New York, New York. This suit is currently active.There is also a closed civil action against American Tax Relief, LLC.

It was filed in Kings County Civil Court and can be found by Index Number: CV-0813**-**/KI. The Case Name is RAYMOND DIDIA vs. AMERICAN TAX RELIEF LLC. This case was settled.Kings County Civil Court and Kings Civil Supreme Court are different courts but both in NY.David Caruso of the Associated Press made the connection between Roni Deutch and American Tax Relief (ATR).

Deutch is the owner of American Tax Relief but the complaint filed with the court does not name her specifically, only her company. This is probably why many people have been unable to find any court proceedings.Deutch has changed her law office name at least twice in California.If you file suit against Deutch you might try to obtain the records of the unemployment office in Sacramento, California for previous employees that have filed and received unemployment. If you find previous employees they might be willing to discuss the practises of Deutch in California. The individuals who answer the phones and "sell" Deutch's services do not last very long.

These individuals usually are not attorney's and are fired when they do not meet their selling quota's. Just a little information.


I too have been scammed by Ronni Duetch. Over the last 5 months I have paid them over $1400 and they accomplished absolutely nothing. I have been out of work since mid January. When I informed The Law offices of Ronni Lynn Duetch that I was unable to make my March 13th payment they quickly turned on me, telling my they would be dropping me as a client. I informed them that for the next few days I was still their client and asked to speak with Kelly Mieske the attorney assigned to my case. To my surprise she actually returned my call within 3 hours but all she did was give me a song and dance. I was requesting that they allow me 60 days to get back on my feet and continue my payments, I told them that I would not expect them to do any work on my case until I had resumed payments. Ms. Mieske had the nerve to tell me that if they were to do as I requested It would have a financial impact on there company so great that they would no longer be able to offer a payment plan to future clients. In fairness I believe she meant that if they were to offer a period of time to resume payments as a company policy it would have that impact on there company. Even if that was the case can someone please explain to me the cost of having an open but inactive case. Then I realized that once they drop me I will at some point need to hire someone else. At this point it dawned on me that these companies feed off each others victims. I won't be rehiring Ronni Duetch, but I am sure there are a lot of people that have jumped from R. Duetch and hired JK Harris or TaxMasters. Talk about going from "Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire." The unfortunate truth is that while despicable I don't believe they broke any laws, or contractual agreements, in how they treated me. What I would like to do is compile as large a list of detailed complaints as possible. My goals are to show a pattern of unethical treatment of their clients. If anything can be done about them it will be through showing this type of pattern. Once I have compiled a large enough list I intend to use it in 4 ways:

First I will send it to the regulatory agencies (Bar Associations) and Atty. Generals offices seeking regulatory control to curb their predatory behavior.

Second I will forward it to State and Federal Legislators seeking to curtail their practices through the passing of new laws.

Third and maybe most important I will forward the complaints to the media, both local and national. In the time it's taken me to compose this letter I have seen 3 ads for TaxMasters and 1 add each for Ronni Duetch and JK Harris. They spend allot of money on TV and radio ads. This needs to be combated.

Fourth I would like to look into the possibility of a class action law suit.

For any of these steps to have any chance of success I need more than anonymous complaints. I am asking for as detailed a complaint as possible including: Your full name, City and state where you resided when you contacted R.Duetch, the location of their local offices, amounts paid to them, services ( or lack there of ) they provided, Services that were promised, any other info pertaining to your case. For this to carry any weight I need contact info, either e-mail address or phone number. You have my word that I will not contact you. The contact info I am asking for is for the sole purpose of verifying your complaint and will only be used by the above mentioned entities, Bar assoc., AGs, Media, and possibly a class action attorney.

These people, Law offices of Ronni Lynn Duetch, have hurt me at a time when I was most vulnerable. They target people when they are their weakest. We need to stand up to them, even if it is only some bad press we cant take this lying down. Thank you for your help.

Fellow Victim

Michael F Freeze




Please email your complaints to the above email.addy and feel free to email or call me if you have already tried any of the steps I mentioned. Any info you can provide me will be greatly appreciated.

Please place "RLD Complaint" in the subject line.

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