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Roni Deutch ( A Professional Tax Corporation), yeah right, they are nothing but professional crooks! My boyfriend hired them to handle his tax problems.

The sales man told us you put $496.00 retainers fee then pay 334.00 for the next 6 months total of $2,500.00. Your tax problems would be cleared up. They have not cleared anything up for us. Everytime you try to call them you can't get a hold of them.

They tell you to feel out all this paperwork, including you tax returns, your banking information, then they send you a letter telling you that you are in non collectable status. Don't worry IRS can't touch you when you are in this status. Then they figure out that you make more money than you do to keep you out of this status. I could have paid off back bills, called the IRS and settle this with them with payments,(with what I paid Roni Deutch I could have paid them off).

More people need to stop being scammed by these attorneys, just a little advise always check the company out before you decide to retain them.

More americans need to call the attorney generals office and the BBBUREAU and turn them in.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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They are running a scam. They are so firendly and helpful during their "intake process" but once you retain them, they are unavailable and do not resolve anything in a diligent matter (like they claim in their paperwork).

The people in the sales center and the collection center are rude and obnoxious. I actually had two people hang up the phone on me becasue I said I wouldn't pay my bill unless they gave me answers.

They threatned to take me to court if I didn't pay them (and I'm not even late on a payment). I retained them for a service not tobe treated like ****!


Similar thing is happening to me. I was charged $350.

retainer fee and now am paying $297 a month for legal fees. On 5/18 I received a letter from the IRS dated 5/19 informing me about a tax levy against my Social Security. I sent a copy of this letter to my attorney, S. Culbreath and asked why the IRS took this action and they did not notify me.

I needed to know if this was a resolve for my tax payments to IRS. I have never received, except for one phone call that I missed by minutes any explanation. The levy on my Social Security happened so quickly that I did not have time to restructure my budget. I am retired and placed blind faith in this organization.

I still owe payments through August of this year. I had hoped they would come up with a payment plan that I could manage.

To date nothing has happened. I learned a lesson about trust and blind faith - it's not out there.

Lake Park, Iowa, United States #87812

Be careful with Elias Mansur who works for Roni Deutch, they are liars they stole $2000.00 from me. They lied about what they do, their sales people are all about lies, they tell you what you wanna hear so you get stuck with them and then they don't do anything, their phone operators are retarded.

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