I contracted Roni Deutch, Professional Tax Corporation, to represent me, prepare and file one "Offer in Compromise" with the Internal Revenue Service for past due taxes I owed.

I did everything they ask me to and got back on track with the IRS.

I paid them $250 a month starting 09/28/2010 through 02/02/2011 for a total of $1500. This was money I really could not afford, but had too in order to get squared away with the IRS.

As we all know Roni Deutch did not acquire an "Offer in Compromise" so the IRS continues to make things worse by applying any refunds to my back taxes.

Thanks for Nothing,

Thomas Brown

Location: Austin, Texas

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Heres Scott Juceams tweet from OMG Tax- What happened to paying back the victims of The Juceam Group and Roni Deutch?

scott Juceam ‏@omgtax

Thank you Farzana and staff for doing a great job for our clients.


Contax Roni Dooches brother, Scott Juceam, at OMG Tax for a refund.


Is anything being done for the consumers that have hired Roni Deutch and have received nothing but a headache for her services? I want my $4900.00 back!!


First, Roni Deutch rips me off. Then, the *** gets shut down and behind the scene opens up the Juceam Group with her two brothers, Scott Juceam and Russel Deutch. Then, the Juceam Group gets sued by the attorney general of California and now I hear those bastards are operating under a new tax help scam called OMG Tax?


Roni Deutch did nothing but take $7,500.00 from me and now the IRS is saying that I was stalling them and I was denied my offer and compromised :(

If you are in New Jersey please let me know.


How much do you owe the IRS? I assume you called them and offered to pay $250 a month on the debt?


Call her brothers at the Juceam Group, which Roni Deutch helped to form when her law Firm was going down

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