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DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION to have your taxes done! The owners claim to be educated tax professionals however they attempted to file your taxes incorrectly.

Matt Sidhu (co-owner of this franchise location) attempted to file our taxes with a large tax write off that was not allowed by the IRS which would have cost us additional penalties.. had we followed through with the filing. My husband and I didn't want any problems or to make a big deal out of it. Since they hadn't processed the filing yet, we figured we'd just take our business somewhere else. So, we politely let them know that we would not be filing through them and would be in to collect our original documents. When my husband went to pick up our documents, Matt Sidhu (co-owner), told my husband that we could not have our documents until we paid him. My husband asked if he could just see what documents they had (to make sure they weren't any of our originals) and the owner replied that angrily "NO! Your papers are in a folder and you can't see what's in the folder until you pay me!" My husband was stunned and said, "excuse me? I can't even see what you have?" And the owner told my husband to "Get out of here!". He threw my husband out of his store!

The owner was very aware of the mistake that he was making on our tax documents and just should have given us our papers. Instead they treated us badly and are now threatening to take us to collections for the "wrong" work he did. We are absolutely appalled by all of this. DO NOT GO THIS LOCATION! EVER!!!!!!!!!

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I have seen Roni Deutch commercials on television and wondered if the business was reputable.

The great thing about this site is that people like you (everyone commenting) helps save us the trouble of experiencing the same fate. I hate that you were scammed though.

mad as !@#$

Sorry to hear about your demise. I too was scammed by CROOK = Roni Deutch last year.

This is Roni Deutch's M.O.:

* Pay up $2000 (or more)

* They will do an installment plan, never an offer of compromise. They are in the business of installments plans - that's it.

* FAX all of your info - they WILL hold your tax info for a month+ and may work on your case or not or till you call them.

* YOU WILL NEVER TALK TO YOUR ATTORNEY, only the flunky "legal secretary" who knows NOTHING about your case and takes messages.

* You end up paying MORE taxes than what you bargained.


Call a lEGITIMATE tax attorney who has a reputable background, who can negotiate a reasonable resolve to your tax woes---and one actually cares about their client. The money you spend is worth it.


I was looking for help with my back taxes. I started searching the internet and compiled a list of tax firms I wanted to check out. One of the first that I called was Tax Defense Network. I really liked the way they handled themselves over the phone and took a lot of notes on their company. After we concluded the call, the tax specialist they put me on with told me to check out the competition, of which he sent me links to many of his competitors. He told me that I should do my due diligence and really check out the firms out there, and see how treacherous many of these firms are.

That’s when I really started my search. Ironically, the salesman didn’t realize that I cover all bases, and would look into his company a bit deeper also. My first stop was to review their Better Business Bureau rating, which they spoke so fondly of in our extensive phone calls. They claim an “A+” rating, which they stated no one else in the industry had. Well, I can tell you two lies right there – They are “A” rated, not “A+”

and there are, in fact, other “A” rated tax firms out there. First off, why lie about the “+”? As if an “A” is bad in anything. That made want to look a little more into their company.

I then looked up their company with the department of state in Florida, as they were a Florida state company. Tax Defense Network started as a debt settlement company in Jacksonville, Florida. If you look up their officers, Joseph and Franklin Valinho, in Google you will find lawsuits they were charged with as a debt settlement company. Attorney General Charlie Crist attacked them personally for taking advantage of their customers, who received no debt relief whatsoever. The settlement was somewhere in the region of $250,000 and was reached in 2006. I immediately got a bad taste in my mouth, but the search continued.

I then come to find out that their “A” rating BBB file started in 2007, meaning their current rating doesn’t reflect this little transgression Tax Defense committed against their customers in years prior. Also, the BBB file doesn’t even show the Valinhos as officers of the company, while the record stands with the state of Florida that they are. More lies. Lastly, and most disturbingly, is that they use this rating for separate websites that seem to be different companies but are really Tax Defense Network with a different face (i.e. At first I thought they just bought a different domain and linked it to their main site, but it seems that these are meant to look and seem different, even though it leads you to the same corrupt people.

The moral of the story – DO YOUR RESEARCH! These guys aren’t who they say they are. I am still searching for help with the irs, so if anyone has worked with someone or a firm that isn’t completely full of it, please get back to me with a referral. I am in dire need, but don’t want to just give my money away to any liars or crooks.

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1. Written by Joe Blow, on 02-07-2010 11:18

The Valinho brother are crooks. They live in Jacksonville Golf and CClub. Their kids go to private school, and this all occurs because fools are paying them $$$$$ to do something that the client can do on their own.

These guys belong in jail with Bernnie Madoff.


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